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The Marble Cathedral

To find its opposite in everything.
The slow demolition of a mountain leaves behind the involuntary and contemporary construction of an immense Marble Cathedral.

The Consciousness of Marble

To go just below the surface.
Going a little further than the evidence, other colors and shapes emerge, imprisoned in the rock as in our consciousness.

Marble and Fog

To change atmosphere.
In an almost suspended and simplified world, perception is modified and expanded.

The Caresses of Light

To stand on the surface and just below.
Portions of the sky multiply the perceptible colors and dimensions.

Jokes of Sand and Water

To find the shades.
The perpetual game between two elements gives rise to infinite combinations of harmonic lines that are realized in the relationship, and only in it.

Water, Stone and Sky

Bringing together what seems separate.
Around the emerged rocks of a stream, the transparent water reveals their underwater world and reflects the surrounding one.


To multiply points of view.
Fragments of curved surfaces are isolated and reflect multiple distorted portions of space.

Workshop with Steve McCurry

Three days with Steve McCurry for a workshop on Light, Background and Emotion.

The Daughter of the Sun

To break down the whole.
A sculpture is broken down into visual fragments that take on their own apparent independence.


To try to understand the flow.
Water captures as well as reflects light, transfiguring what is below and above it, in a continuous and elusive flow.

Slot Machine

Everybody keeps trying to find the key to the problems of life, but it is a rigged game.

Classic Paris

A classic view on Paris, “La Ville Lumiere” of France.

Paris 'En Mouvement'

Adapt to the situation.
A series of photographs shot at dark, with a Light that puts together Space-Time and Matter to show the dynamicity of night life in Paris, in its iconic places.

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