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Biography and Events

This is my Story

Everybody has his own trip and a story to tell. This is my trip, and this is my story.

I was born in Gorizia in 1971 and I lived between the sea and the mountains in a place where the contact with nature was easy.  Since I was a child, I showed a certain artistic sensibility and ability, which I expressed in drawing and painting.  Leafing through the books I was fascinated by the pictures of exotic places, by the novels of explorers and fantastic worlds. Visiting museums, I was enchanted by the ability and mastery with which those works had been realized, harboring the desire to be able, one day, to produce something similar. With these feelings in my hart I started a scientific education.  I than graduated in Business Administration in Milan, and worked there as a financial analyst with dedication and satisfaction.

Yet something was not going straight: I was not able to express myself completely through numbers. I was missing the romantic side and those numbers were somebody else’s.  I didn’t like being a spectator, I wanted to play too. I left my job and dedicated myself to photography. It was not something new.  Since University I used to take pictures to “record” the places I visited, the persons I liked and the most important moments of my life.  But I was also starting to look at shapes and light in a different way.

In 2008 I moved to Tuscany, where I had the chance to attend a workshop by Franco Fontana.  I often remember his words and they always have new meanings. From that moment I started my personal research.

I now live in the region of Massa-Carrara, close to Pietrasanta, a little town in which you can admire the works of the most famous international artists all year long. My photographs also want to pay tribute to this fantastic territory.

Exhibitions and Events


Entering “Life Framer” Collection with the series “Marble and Fog”.


Exhibition "Hidden Harmonies - The art of beauty", Milan, Italy

Event Exhibition "Creative Hemispheres - Arts feed the planet"
Facebook Event: [link] | Exhibition Profile: [link]

Exhibition in the Park titled to Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, in Forte dei Marmi
[link] | Video: [link]

Entering the archive of "Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia"

Pubblication of the book "Artisti in Versilia", pag. 70-71
[link] | Video: [link]

Marble Living

“Nature: Invisible Magics”, Seravezza Fotografia, Seravezza, Italy (One-man), march 27h - april 6th
[link] | Video: [link]


"Codice MIA” Milan Image Art Fair, Milan, Italy

"Bozzetti in posa”, Pietrasanta, Italy (Group), 1st place at the contest for the 30th anniversary of the Museum of Scale Models


“Società delle belle arti” Firenze, Italy (Group)

“Scherzi di Sabbia e Acqua” Firenze, Italy (One-man)


“Marmi” Arco, Italy (One-man)
“Marmo, Nuove Percezioni” Pietrasanta, Italy (One-man)
[link] | [link]

“Work is life”, Seravezza Fotografia, Seravezza, Italy (Group)

“Voci dal Marmo”, Firenze, Italy (One-man)


“Voci dal Marmo”, Lido di Camaiore, Italy (One-man)

“Mantova creativa”, Mantova , Italy (Group)

“Quelli di Fontana”, Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Italy (Group)
[link] | [link]

“Marmo”, Seravezza Fotografia, Seravezza, Italy (Group).
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